Saturday, June 13, 2009


I just recently heard that Kambal sa UMa - a remake of rio Locsin's movie by ABS-CBN had been rating no 1 these past few months. This afternoon serye stars Shaina Magdayao and Melissa Ricks which I had a chance to see in person last December when my friend Rachiel in VXI had brought me together with Christian in ASAP 09. Shaina is really gorgeous, She is tall and has these beautiful eyes that every women will envy. melissa is also beautiful because she is tall and bubbly. Whenever I had the chance to watch the serye I remember a place in Cuyapo. Kambal sa UMa reminds me of a certain place in District 1 called KAMBAL sa UNO. Instead of using District 1, people are used of saying Kambal. You can really relate almost anything to people, places and things in Cuyapo. KAMBAL SA UMA reminds me of a place in CUYAPO Kambal sa UNO.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Famous Families in Cuyapo

I had been raised in a small town called Cuyapo. It is located in the boundary of Tarlac and Pangasinan. This place is not popular for any thing, just an ordinary place in Nueva Ecija but all of my fond memories rest in this unfamiliar part of the Philippines. As long as I live, I will remember all the stories that had befallen right before my very eyes in this infamous town.

I'm pretty sure that all my friends will attest to the truthfulness of my stories about different people and places. Who can forget "Nang Oneng" and her special "palamig"?She resided in a store near Marcos Jose and Central school. What makes her "palamig" special? Well, I think the special ingredient is the water coming from the well of manpower, and whenever she pours the liquid to the plastic, the solution passes her nails which probably made the solution saturated, huh! However I have not heard anybody among the students hospitalized because of diarrhea or amoebiasis. Nang Oneng's famous daughter is Mylene. She had attended the same school as mine and had been ahead of me for one year. She was fat but was extremely famous because whenever she falls in love, she showered them with gifts and it will be your honor to be subjected with such attention. Can you imagine belonging to a renowned family? Unfortunately Mylene's heart was captivated by a guy from a nearby town not by a fellow Cuyapeno. Nang Oneng's departed husband made him equally famous as her wife. He had been a "pusher" for many years. Actually he is not a pusher of illegal drugs but he is pusher of Nang Oneng's cart. Their business is a family owned and operated business where everybody has their own role and job. After school, Nang Oneng has to sell her snacks and goodies at the "paradahan", where they sell "balut" and roasted peanuts. If Nang Oneng's target market are students in Marcos jose and Cuyapo Central school her Sister Nang Inyang has her fare share of customers from Saint pius X Institute ( Nang Inyang's story will be told in my coming stories....). She had made "Sabog" burger famous. Nang Oneng, his husband and Mylene had died years ago but their story will always be told by people from Cuyapo. In fact they had made their own place in the sun and will always be remembered.